Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

Lake Agawam Conservancy is thrilled to announce that our novel hydrogen peroxide treatment in Lake Agawam was a great success in combatting toxic Cyanobacteria. As this graph shows, after 3,850 gallons of hydrogen peroxide were sprayed into the surface waters via a boat last week, blue green algae plummeted to their lowest levels in decades. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 and degrades into H2O (water) and O2 (oxygen) in hours.  Blue-green algae are more sensitive than normal algae to hydrogen peroxide and thus perish, while other algae that are beneficial to the food chain (green algae) flourish.   Levels of blue-green algae have declined by 20-40-fold since the application on Thursday and they have been replaced by green and brown algae which support the food web.

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