Lake Agawam Conservancy Announces Installation of Real-Time Water Monitoring Quality Buoy

Installation Scheduled for 12:30pm on Friday, May 22, 2020, at Lake Agawam Park,

with press availability with the Conservancy’s Science Advisor Dr. Christopher Gobler

Southampton, New York, May 21, 2020. On Friday, May 22, at 12:30pm at Lake Agawam Park in Southampton Village, the Lake Agawam Conservancy will install a real-time water quality buoy at the northern end of the Lake. This buoy will monitor the Lake’s water quality on a real-time basis, including providing data on the levels of blue-green algae, other algae, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and nitrate. These results will be reported in real-time on the Conservancy’s public website ( This buoy is a project of the Gobler Lab at Stony Brook University’s School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences. Dr. Christopher Gobler is the Conservancy’s Science Advisor. He will be available to answer press questions following the buoy’s installation.

“Lake Agawam is one of the most polluted lakes in our State,” said Dr. Gobler. “This buoy will allow us to monitor and report, in real-time, changes in the ecological parameters of the Lake. Some of these changes have a direct effect on the water quality of the Lake, including harmful algal blooms. A similar buoy has been used successfully in Georgica Pond to monitor its water quality in real-time.” The detection of rapid changes in the levels of blue-green algae or dissolved oxygen will be used to initiate intense monitoring or mitigation approaches.”

“The Conservancy is delighted to partner with Governor Cuomo, the State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Mayor Warren, Supervisor Schneiderman, and Southampton Village and Town Trustees on the installation and maintenance of this buoy,” said Meghan Nadosy Magyar, a member of the Conservancy’s Board. “This buoy is an important first step in the process of remediating the Lake. The public can now monitor daily changes in the health of Lake Agawam. We are so fortunate that Dr. Gobler, the expert on Lake Agawam, is providing the science to support our efforts.”

The Conservancy, which was founded in August 2019 by concerned residents of Southampton Village, is funding the cost of installing and maintaining this real-time water quality buoy. The

Conservancy is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit and is raising funds from the community to help fund projects to remediate Lake Agawam. Over past 10 months, the Conservancy has been working in partnership with Governor Cuomo, who visited the Lake last fall and pledged his support, the DEC, and Southampton Village and Town officials to develop a comprehensive plan to remediate Lake Agawam.

In addition to installing the water quality monitoring buoy, the Conservancy has held programs for local landscapers and homeowners on environmentally friendly landscaping practices and begun thinning out the water lilies that create high levels of toxins around the Lake. In the next few months, the Conservancy plans a number of projects to improve the Lake’s water quality in the short-term, including installing more than 40 aerators around the Lake and funding the installation of a bioswale along the southern end of the Lake. The Conservancy has also worked with the Village on improved protocols for opening the drain pipe between the Lake and the ocean.

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