Septic Improvement by Geography

Nassau County’s program is going live soon. Residents on the North Shore of Nassau can prepare by getting an engineer or architect to draft plans and begin the building permit process. The grant program in Nassau is for $10,000 per household.

Suffolk County’s program has a base incentive of $20,000 with a $5,000 incentive for a shallow drainfield (recommended) and can be found here.  Funds provided by this program are limited to the installation of the system only. Additional costs such as engineering and landscaping are not covered. There is the possibility that the County’s program can be oversubscribed and they can disburse funds to the highest priority and failing systems. If you are told you are “eligible” but placed in a review queue it is worth asking how long the queue is.

East Hampton town allows up to an additional $20,000 as either a rebate or direct pay to the contractor. If you would like to set it up as a direct pay, ask your installer ahead of time if that is ok with them. Information on that program can be found here. The contractors participating in this program can be found here. Staff in East Hampton are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Don’t hesitate to call them directly.

Southampton town residents are also eligible for up to an additional $20,000 rebate or direct payment to the contractor as well. While selecting a contractor make it clear if you wish to have them paid directly by the town.

Shelter Island also has a septic improvement program that can be found here.

North Shore residents of either Nassau or Suffolk Counties can reach out to Katherine Coughlin who was hired jointly between The Nature Conservancy and the North Shore land Alliance specifically to assist homeowners in the Long Island Sound Watershed.

We’ve heard positive reviews about the FujiClean, Hydroaction and SeptiTech. If an engineer recommends anything other than those options ask him or her to consider one of the others or enlist a new engineer. The non-proprietary nitrogen reducing biofilter or “layered system” is now also available to homeowners. Those interested in this exciting new technology should reach out to Frank Russo at the NYS Center for Clean Water Technology

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