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Harmful Algal Bloom Action Plan

Harmful algae blooms containing the toxin microcystin are formed by excess nitrogen in water bodies. In the case of Lake Agawam and polluted lakes and ponds on the East End, that excess nitrogen comes from septic waste and lawn fertilizer.

HABS are dangerous on multiple levels. Cyanobacteria, or the toxic blue green algae in harmful algae blooms, contain the toxin microcystin which kills humans, aquatic life and pets. It is in the water itself and becomes aerosolized. It deoxygenates water leading to a viscous cycle. If we don’t take dramatic steps to eliminate HABS, they will destroy the water that surrounds and sustains us.

LAC partnered with the DEC, town and village officials and other environmental groups to develop a long term remediation plan for Lake Agawam that can be used as a model for other water bodies in NY State. Please read the following to learn what we are planning to do together to clean the Lake and restore its watershed.