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A film about Lake Agawam by Chuck Scarborough


Lake Agawam Conservancy (LAC) is dedicated to reviving Lake Agawam, its watershed, and its surrounding ecosystems to protect human health and ecological vitality. The Lake’s deterioration is a symptom of the pollution that plagues all our local water bodies. Protecting this shared natural resource for future generations is of paramount importance. LAC works alongside Southampton’s community and elected officials to address the root sources of water contamination including toxic landscape chemicals and aging septic systems. LAC supports scientific monitoring of the Lake water and nature-based and scientifically innovative interventions to cleanse the Lake in the short and long term.

“The rehabilitation of Lake Agawam will be successful due to the committed efforts of concerned citizens working with Southampton Village and Southampton Town leadership under the direction and guidance as provided by experts in aquatic and marine science. The ‘Jewel of Southampton’ will once again be available for all to enjoy”

LAC Board Member David Bohnett

“Lake Agawam is at the heart of our community and business district, and so is the health of our water bodies. We thank the Lake Agawam Conservancy for helping us devise both a short term and long term plan to remediate Lake Agawam and restore the health of the lake so it can be enjoyed by all.”

Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren

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